Release Notes


26th March 2024

  • Fix crash on macOS caused by GUI framework

  • Fix issue with detection of Sony cameras on Windows


14th March 2024

  • Add support for Sony a6700

  • Add Download Folder field to Session window

  • Add option for showing grid overlay in Live View window

  • Fix support for transparent PNG image overlay

  • Fix window state save/restore behaviour after restart on macOS

  • Fix possible crash when saving barcode info to photo EXIF

  • Fix URL for Lightroom Plugin docs


14th September 2023

  • Add support for Nikon Z8

  • Add support for Canon R50

  • Add support for PNG overlay images

  • Add support for “JPEG” storage mode for Canon and Nikon cameras

  • Add support for “Both” storage mode for Fujifilm cameras

  • Expose Live View image data to External API

  • Fix issue with overlay image being unloaded while still visible

  • Fix photo backup when copying from subdirectories of the photo download directory

  • Correctly detect photo capture when using Card storage with Sony cameras


12th June 2023

  • Added Support for New Cameras

  • Sony a7R V

  • Sony FX3

  • Sony FX30

  • Fujifilm GFX 50r

  • Fujifilm GFX 50s

  • Fujifilm GFX 50s II

  • Fujifilm X-H1

  • Fujifilm X-H2

  • Fujifilm X-T1

  • Fujifilm X-T2

  • Fujifilm X-T3

  • Fujifilm X-T4

  • Fujifilm X-T5

  • Features

  • Switch to new docking system for UI windows

  • Support saving custom UI workspace layouts

  • Support photo backup to secondary location

  • Improve support for HiDPI displays

  • Add native support for Apple Silicon

  • Remove PRO version and enable all features as standard

  • Reduce battery usage of photo display windows

  • Increase macOS minimum version to 11.0 (Big Sur)

  • Switch to per-camera licensing model for multi-camera support

  • Add dedicated Barcode window

  • Allow saving barcode info to photo EXIF metadata

  • Allow barcode scanning to be restricted to specific type

  • Application UI

  • Add dedicated Loupe window

  • Add dedicated Filmstrip window

  • Add dedicated Live View window

  • Add image thumbnail to Photos table UI

  • Add image thumbnail to Barcode table UI

  • Add column for Power Zoom position to Camera table

  • Add Barcode column to Photos table

  • Add support for showing overlay image in Live View window

  • Add reset button to background colour option

  • Add button to launch QR Code Generator app

  • Add link to download QR Code Generator app

  • Add info on origin of barcodes

  • Add visual highlight of photo barcode location

  • Add option to play sound after photo is taken

  • Add option to play sound after barcode is scanned

  • Add sound effect for camera lost event

  • Add barcode format to scanned barcode information

  • Set tab order for UI controls

  • Make Shoot button more prominent in Camera Controls window

  • Lighten background colour of UI tables

  • Improve histogram rgb channel levels

  • Improve scrollbar behaviour of Filmstrip window

  • Improve UI of Delete photo window

  • Improve UI of Memory Card Format window

  • Improve UI for License window

  • Improve UI for Camera Lost Warning window

  • Improve UI of Presets UI window

  • Improve UI for Sony power zoom

  • Enable keyboard movement in Filmstrip window

  • Allow vertical orientation of Filmstrip window

  • Allow scrolling filmstrip with mouse wheel

  • Allow per window live view options

  • Allow multiple instances of Live View window

  • Show visual indicator when tool buttons are toggled on

  • Make license window flash when trial is ending

  • Update app style sheet and icons

  • Update macOS dmg with background image and icon

  • Improve Windows installer package

  • Use checkerboard pattern for dummy photo areas

  • Rename Capture window to Preview window

  • Rename Filename Options window to Session window

  • Move camera options to Cameras window

  • Move barcode options to Barcode window

  • Move session options into popup menu

  • Remove camera power icons from UI

  • Remove Photos sub-menu from top menu bar

  • Remove live view controls from Camera Controls window

  • Remove option to enable/disable photo display

  • Remove Recent Photos window

  • Remove Card Preview feature

  • Fixes

  • Automatically close camera lost warning when camera is reconnected

  • Add confirmation prompt when deleting camera preset

  • Increase movement during Sony power zoom wide/tele commands

  • Fix bug with use of barcode camera filter expression

  • Fix error when reading Sony power zoom position

  • Ignore Apple devices from USB detection

  • Ignore non-camera USB devices on Windows

  • Ensure mousewheel focus only happens when liveview is enabled

  • Ensure camera lost warning is shown again when another camera is lost

  • Ensure main window is focused when license window closes

  • Support connection to Sony cameras using Sony PTP driver on Windows


3rd October 2022

  • Add support for Nikon Z6 II

  • Add support for Nikon Z7 II

  • Add support for Nikon Z9

  • Fix support for Nikon image quality * modes


6th August 2022

  • Add support for Sony a7 IV

  • Add support for Sony ZV-E10

  • Add support for Canon R7

  • Add support for Canon R10

  • Add support for Liveview zoom/position on Sony cameras

  • Add support for direct shutter button control on Sony cameras

  • Fix crash caused by bug with texture loading in UI layout logic

  • Fix issue with shutter button control during continuous highspeed shooting

  • Fix issue with Sony triggering during MF focus mode

  • Fix incorrect loupe size when loading photo thumbnails

  • Disable Lightroom plugin install button for mac app store version

  • Remove barcode metadata checkbox from options UI


28th March 2022

  • Fix issue with photo quality setting being ignored on Sony cameras


27th October 2021

  • Adjust Sony live view focus sensitivity

  • Ensure Nikon cameras are disconnected gracefully

  • Ensure Recent Photos list auto-scrolls to end when new photo is added

  • Fix clickable UI area for camera live view popup menu

  • Fix typo in tooltip for focus step buttons

  • Improve log message for failed license activation request


7th May 2021

  • Add support for Sony a1

  • Add support for Canon R5

  • Add support for Canon R6

  • Add support for Canon 90D

  • Add support for Canon 850D / Rebel T8i / Kiss X10i

  • Add support for full control of camera settings on Sony a7R4, a7C, a1

  • Add support for Pixel Shift mode on recent Sony cameras

  • Add display option to enable/disable filmstrip and tool panels

  • Add photo filename validation feature

  • Adjust Sony live view focus sensitivity

  • Allow Colour Temp setting to be part of stored camera preset

  • Fix Storage mode setting for recent Sony cameras

  • Fix intermittent failure of live view on Sony cameras

  • Fix video download on Canon EOS R

  • Fix quick loupe for live view on Sony cameras

  • Fix issue with background image being hidden until first photo is taken

  • Ensure Lightroom retains focus when plugin is launched from within Lightroom

  • Ensure empty files are removed if video download fails

  • Ensure live view is marked as not-supported on the Sony a6000


29th January 2021

  • Add support for Sony a7C and a7S III

  • Add full support for Canon CR3 file format

  • Add support for live view focus with Sony Alpha cameras

  • Add support for controlling power zoom on some Sony Alpha cameras

  • Fix live view on Sony a7C and similar models

  • Fix issue with dropped replies for External API requests


11th November 2020

  • Improve barcode scanning accuracy for small 1D type barcodes

  • Fix broken video file downloads on Canon cameras

  • Add support for setting custom White Balance colour temperature on Nikon and Sony cameras

  • Add link to Lightroom plugin install instructions

  • Ensure invalid External API requests are correctly rejected

  • Update message in trial ended notification window


5th October 2020

  • Add support for Lightroom tethering plugin

  • Add support for Nikon D6

  • Add support for Nikon D780

  • Add support for Nikon Z 5

  • Add support for Nikon Z 50

  • Add support for Canon RP

  • Add support for Canon M6 Mark II

  • Add system tray icon to mac app

  • Add command line option to start minimised to system tray

  • Improve accuracy of barcode scanning

  • Prepare support for macOS Big Sur and Apple silicon

  • Do not exit app when minimised to system tray and main window is closed

  • Fix incorrect msg_seq_num on External API replies


1st July 2020

  • Fix issue with flickering liveview on Sony cameras

  • Fix use of Windows network shares in Photo Download Directory

  • Fix deadlock issue after barcode scan triggers photo renaming

  • Add help menu item for submitting feedback email

  • Show full product SKU in License window

  • Decrease tolerance for over/under exposure warning


24th May 2020

  • Add PRO upgrade link to Help menu and About window

  • Add button to License window for rechecking license

  • Add license type and order ID to License window

  • Make PRO features visible but disable for standard version

  • Fix issue with UI focus when trying to change/edit camera from camera table


22nd April 2020

  • Improve reliability of Sony capture when AF is enabled

  • Improve latency of Sony AF capture

  • Improve highlight graphics for filmstrip photos

  • Fix Sony auto focus functionality

  • Fix camera status when Sony MF capture fails

  • Fix issues with Sony photo download during highspeed continuous shooting

  • Fix crash when value for script parameter contains empty text

  • Detect Sony storage mode setting from camera

  • Add option to enable/disable Capture display

  • Add system tray icon to windows app

  • Add option to start app minimised to system tray

  • Add highlight for current camera in Cameras display panel

  • Add StorageID, PersistentID, and OriginalPath to External API photo info

  • Add GetCamera request message to External API

  • Add option to persist photo info after app restart

  • Support restore of photo info from previous session

  • Allow app to be activated/deactivate via External API

  • Allow Camera Controls current camera to be selected from Cameras display panel

  • Ensure any outstanding Sony autofocus requests are cancelled before disconnect

  • Restore camera selection mode after app restart


19th February 2020

  • Improve image quality of previews and thumbnails in photo display window

  • Add option to disable Live View focus with mouse wheel

  • Add support for bugsplat crash reporting on mac

  • Add error code descriptions to cryptlex license window UI

  • Ensure correct texture level is chosen in photo preview window

  • Ensure Quick Loupe uses fullsize photo

  • Ensure control characters (ie. newline) are stipped from photo filename

  • Ensure PhotoFilename field is sent to external API event stream

  • Fix issue with Sony camera properties getting out of sync

  • Fix issue with Sony capture requests returning early failure

  • Fix issue with histogram when two display windows are used

  • Fix error when running Bulb Timelapse script

  • Fix crash when loading background image


16th January 2020

  • Fix issue with photo detection and download on Sony a7R4

  • Fix issue with sticky UI controls on mac

  • Fix crash when using multiple display windows on mac

  • Add mappings for more Sony a7R4 camera settings

  • Show trial ID in trial/license window

  • Ensure log file is updated on regular interval


31st December 2019

  • Fix issue with update window getting stuck in background on mac

  • Fix issue with Live View FPS controls

  • Fix issue with photo names contained absolute files paths

  • Fix External API fields for CameraNumDownloadsComplete and CameraNumDownloadsFailed

  • Add option for setting default Live View FPS

  • Add rate limiter to photo viewer to avoid backlog of loading/decoding operations

  • Stop sendling LiveviewUpdated message to External API


15th November 2019

  • Add support for photo quality settings on Sony cameras

  • Add option to hide on-card photos from filmstrip

  • Add new OptionsUpdated External API message

  • Add UI to allow formatting memory cards in specific cameras

  • Change ‘Delete All’ button to only delete known photos and not download directory

  • Improve UI for hiding/unhiding photos

  • Fix support for RAW+JPEG mode on Sony cameras

  • Ensure large log file does not persist once app is restarted

  • Ensure app update checks do not happen while activation window is still visible

  • Ensure OptionsInfo and DownloadPath are added to External API synchronistion reply

  • Ignore folders created by camera on memory card

  • Ignore duplicate photos when shooting to dual memory card slots

  • Avoid possible app hang when handling USB communication errors on Windows


28th October 2019

  • Switch to new Cryptlex licensing system

  • Add option to disable automatic rotation using photo EXIF

  • Add option to apply photo rotation using camera metadata

  • Add option to auto fill Session Name or Unique Tag when clipboard text changes

  • Add checkbox for pausing output text in log window

  • Add single ‘Manage License’ item to help menu

  • Fix USB host controller detection and balancing on Windows

  • Fix orientation of live view loupe when display mirroring is enabled

  • Fix possible hang when closing application


29th September 2019

  • Add Sony support for cameras in the a6xxx range, a9, and a7 variants

  • Add support for changing Sony camera properties

  • Add support for live view on Sony cameras

  • Add UI buttons for incrementing/decrementing camera properties

  • Add script for direct shutter button control for Canon cameras

  • Fix colouring of UI text for script status

  • Fix photo rendering for GPUs that have limited max texture size

  • Fix issue with [E] filename token when shooting RAW+JPEG

  • Replace warning icons with coloured text in Camera Controls window

  • Allow parallel downloads from cameras connected through same USB host controller


29th August 2019

  • Add support for Canon 250D / Rebel SL3 / Kiss X10

  • Add new zxing barcode scanner engine

  • Add buttons for pasting clipboard into filename options text fields

  • Fix issue with support for cardless operation with Canon cameras

  • Fix misleading names used in PTP property log messages

  • Show Card/Disk status for filmstrip thumbnail placeholder

  • Replace Client Presentation Mode option with Card Preview dropdown menu

  • Change behaviour of barcode text field to accept external scanner input

  • Track Session Name and Session Number information with each photo

  • Improve GUI table perf by disabling automatic column resizing

  • Separate photo location and hidden status

  • Allow photos to be unhidden


25th July 2019

  • Fix possible crash when recovering from failed camera connection

  • Fix possible crash when sending External API event messages

  • Fix issue with rejected download requests when camera already has capture request pending

  • Fix issue when changing UniqueTag via External API

  • Fix issue with migrated camera names being overridden with default model name

  • Add placeholder text for thumbnails of photos that have not yet been downloaded

  • Add link to documentation website in Help menu

  • Add link to documentation website in Options window

  • Ensure Client Presentation Mode only downloads JPEGs when shooting RAW+JPEG

  • Ensure session num UI gets updated after options update

  • Ensure log file is flushed when handling bugsplat report

  • Show totals for photo/camera/nodes in UI tables

  • Reduce use of GPU when Capture tab is not visible

  • Update UI to improve layout of photo and camera tabs

  • Update UI to improve layout of Options window

  • Add ability to purge files from photo download directory

  • Filter out noisy Nikon ExposureIndicateStatus messages from log


24th May 2019

  • Fix live view near focus command on Nikon cameras

  • Fix possibly crash in photo rendering code

  • Avoid duplicate text when using [E] extension in filename expression

  • Default to using ‘SSP_[S]’ when computed filename is empty


28th April 2019

  • Add persistant storage of script parameter values

  • Add camera rotate button to live view UI

  • Add option to disable live view status indicator

  • Add option to enable/disable update check during startup

  • Add icon colour highlight to indicate when display options are enabled/disabled

  • Fix incorrect display of photo shutter speed info

  • Fix issue with update checking

  • Fix issue with maximised window state not being applied after restart


12th April 2019

  • Fix bug in behaviour of “Default Storage Mode” option

  • Fix possible hang during shutdown if Live View is active

  • Fix issue causing scripts to fail for Canon cameras when using Disk storage mode

  • Fix issue causing scripts to fail for Nikon cameras when using Both storage mode

  • Fix issue with Focus Stacking script that caused focus movement to be ignored

  • Fix issue with old photos being shown if new photo is taken with same filename

  • Fix issue with automatic barcode scanning incorrectly triggering file rename

  • Allow scrolling through filmstrip using mouse wheel

  • Improve performance of barcode scanning


5th April 2019

  • Fix Camera Controls UI redraw issue on mac

  • Fix crash and communication issues on mac with Nikon D500 and D850

  • Fix crash on start up when Canon cameras already have pending photos to download

  • Fix issue with drag movement of Live View AF region

  • Allow select/view photo from filmstrip when using multi-camera display

  • Filter out non-PTP USB devices (such as phones)


31st March 2019

  • Fix crash when camera settings get out of sync on Canon cameras

  • Fix crash on mac when using Nikon D3xx range of cameras

  • Fix issue with non-script files being shown in Scripts menu list


28th March 2019

  • Added Support for New Cameras

  • Add support for Canon R

  • Add support for Nikon Z6

  • Add support for Nikon Z7

  • Add support for Nikon D3500

  • Add support for Sony a6300

  • Add support for Sony a6500

  • Add support for Sony a7R III

  • Add support for Ricoh Theta S

  • Application UI

  • Add button to display toolbar for fullscreen mode

  • Add button to imgui UI to quick swap window types

  • Add photo browser gui

  • Add pulse indicate to liveview window

  • Add quick loupe for liveview

  • Add separate option to enable/disable liveview quick loupe

  • Add Smart Shooter icon to Camera Controls window

  • Add visual indicator for elapsed video recording time

  • Add visual indicator of liveview resolution and FPS

  • Allow customisation of quick loupe window size

  • Allow double click on filmstrip to start photo download

  • Allow filmstrip navigation with keyboard

  • Allow loupe window zoom using right mouse drag

  • Allow loupe zoom reset with middle mouse click

  • Allow sequence/batch num spin box to be reset by entering 0

  • Change warning icons from PNG to SVG

  • Customise About window with extra Tether Tools info

  • Disable multiply display windows on mac (not yet working)

  • Ensure UI does not display liveview image from previous session

  • Fix issue with GUI state not being restored after restart

  • Hide Barcode button from context menu for standard licenses

  • Hide multicamera selection controls for standard license

  • Highlight loupe rect when loupe window is hovered

  • Hook up liveview focus to mouse wheel

  • Improve layout of Display Options UI

  • Improve pan/zoom of loupe window

  • Improve UI layout for Camera Presets window

  • Improve UI layout of Script Controls window

  • Improve UI looks for groupbox and tooltip widgets

  • Improve UI looks of loupe window

  • Improve UI of Filename Options window

  • Improve visibility of UI cursor when editting text

  • Make “New Display” into modeless window

  • Make Recent Photos panel hidden by default

  • Remove Display Mode selection from UI

  • Remove icons from top menu bar

  • Remove unused “Restart Required” dialog from options window

  • Rename ‘Display’ tab to ‘Capture’

  • Reword tooltips in display window button

  • Switch UI to SVG icons

  • Update UI layout of Filename Options window

  • Update with new icon and logo graphics

  • Update wording from Liveview to Live View

  • Camera Fixes

  • Add checks to enable features for Nikon D3xxx cameras

  • Add handling of Canon CR2 and CRAW image format

  • Add identifiers for remaining current Canon DSLR cameras

  • Add property mappings for more Canon program modes

  • Correctly finish pending bulb tasks during camera disconnect

  • Do not show ‘Unknown’ when photo format is not known

  • Ensure Canon liveview status gets updated after enable/disable

  • Ensure computed filename is never empty string

  • Ensure duplicate download operations are discarded

  • Ensure photo format is populated from filename extension if unknown

  • Extract extra EXIF metadata from photo during save

  • Fix camera hotplug detection on mac

  • Fix crash on start up if camera already has download pending

  • Fix issue with auto connect not applying to multiple cameras

  • Fix issue with stale camera properties after reconnect

  • Fix possible crash when camera property goes out of sync

  • Fix possible photo save errors, if filename expression option gets set to empty text

  • Force liveview support feature for Nikon D3400 and D3500

  • Gracefully download pending canon photos after unexpected failures

  • Gracefully stop video when disconnecting from camera

  • Improve handling of Nikon continuous shooting mode

  • Improve perf of Nikon liveview update logic

  • Support check/sync clock operation on Canon cameras

  • Support extra photo metadata from EXIF

  • Changes to External API

  • Add command line options to enable External API

  • Add image orientation to photo object

  • Add tracking of liveview frames with CameraLiveviewNumFrames

  • Convert External API to synchronous reply behaviour

  • Ensure CameraName is sent for first update of new camera

  • Gracefully handle exit() call from python camera scripts

  • Implement support for PhotoOrigin API field

  • Remove UTF8 BOM from json encoder output

  • Rename BulbInterval field to BulbTimer

  • Rename CameraLiveviewFocus field to CameraLiveviewFocusStep

  • Switch to python language for embedding scripting

  • Unify API using for External API and embedded python scripting

  • Add Client Presentation Mode feature

  • Add support for [S] session name and [I] session num filename tokens

  • Add tracking of elapsed video recording time

  • Add trigger index to camera metadata

  • Allow control of camera operation order using trigger index

  • Change custom script loading ability to PRO feature

  • Delete camera presets file if all presets are deleted

  • Enable high DPI mode for windows installer

  • Ensure UTF8 BOM is written when saving text files

  • Remove ability to send feedback from within app

  • Remove JPEG camera storage mode

  • Remove liveview recording feature

  • Remove Nullsoft branding from windows installer

  • Remove option for reseting sequence number when directory is empty

  • Remove option to disable filename generation

  • Remove Options Presets feature

  • Remove rebranding feature

  • Remove support for [N] camera index token in filename expression

  • Rename executable for windows uninstaller

  • Rewrite camera communication on mac to improve reliability

  • Rewrite camera communication to optimise download performance

  • Set smart shooter trial mode sku to PRO

  • Sort execution of camera operations by trigger index

  • Update app to allow running in CLI mode

  • Update license texts for 3rdparty libraries

  • Update mac minimum version to Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)

  • Use simplified smartshooter logo for windows installer background


8th December 2018

  • Fix detection of Canon 6D Mark II model name

  • Fix auto focus on the Canon 6D Mark II and other Canon cameras

  • Fix mirror lockup state for Canon 6D Mark II and other Canon cameras

  • Fix mappings for ISO, Drive Mode, and White Balance camera properties on Canon cameras

  • Fix use of MRAW and SRAW image formats on Canon cameras

  • Fix possible photo save errors, if Filename Expression option gets set to empty text

  • Fix mac support for generic PTP cameras

  • Allow Photo Download Directory to be set from External API

  • Add Microsoft .NET v4.0 package to windows installer

  • Remove ability to send feedback from app


21st May 2018

  • Fix possible app hang on windows, during handling of unexpected camera disconnection

  • Fix possible crash on mac, if camera gets disconnected while downloads are pending

  • Improve scheduling of download threads for multi-camera parallel downloads

  • Enable USB fast poll when camera battery is fully charged


11th February 2018

  • Fix auto focus for Canon 750D and other newer Canon cameras

  • Fix focus stacking script for some older Nikon Cameras

  • Add filename expression token [X] for camera serial number


24th January 2018

  • Fix error when trying to set camera group for multiple cameras

  • Fix support for Nikon D3400 liveview

  • Search default data path if camera database file is not found

  • Add new ‘Group’ camera selection mode to External API

  • Update External API docs for CameraSelection and PhotoSelection fields


26th November 2017

  • Fix issue with default storage mode not being applied after camera reconnection

  • Fix failure to launch Windows app, caused by missing MSVC DLL

  • Play intermittent beep when lost camera connection is detected


15th November 2017

  • Add support for Nikon D850

  • Add ability to set per-camera display rotation

  • Fix ability to shoot with older Canon cameras such as the 450D and 40D

  • Fix resync of batch number when triggering multiple cameras

  • Fix incorrectly disabled Connect/Disconnect buttons in Camera Controls UI


9th September 2017

  • Fix crash during camera disconnect after synchronising clocks

  • Fix crash during exit if images are still being loaded


27th August 2017

  • Add support for Canon 200D / Rebel SL2 / Kiss X8

  • Add option to disable auto rotation of images

  • Add UI to allow selection of GRID network interface/adapter

  • Fix crash when camera is disconnected but photo save operation is still pending

  • Fix hang when using some Nikon cameras in Mac

  • Fix issue with some Nikon cameras disconnecting after failed capture

  • Fix intermittent failures with ‘MoveFocus’ script command, used by focus stacking script

  • Fix some minor issues with Nikon D7500 camera properties

  • Fix issue where video size was reported incorrectly in the UI

  • Fix issue with GRID network connection changes being ignored

  • Fix deletion of photos from camera for simulated Disk storage mode (Nikon D3xxx cameras)

  • Attempt to recover photo status after camera disconnect/reconnect

  • Improve UI visibility for display options menu

  • Ensure photo display fading only happens if next download is underway


9th August 2017

  • Fix hang when download failure causes a camera disconnection

  • Fix incorrect filename when reshooting photo

  • Update to External API to ZeroMQ v4.2.2


7th August 2017

  • Fix bulb mode for Canon 5D Mark III

  • Fix issue with corrupt camera communication on Mac version

  • Fix issue of excessive memory usage during video downloads

  • Fix crash when enabling/disabling External API

  • Add support for strftime() formatting with [T] filename token

  • Add support for camera groups

  • Update Camera Controls UI to support camera groups

  • Ensure display window does not try to load/view video files

  • Override Canon drive mode setting during bulb mode

  • Support External API relay of custom messages between GRID nodes

  • Support External API shutter button control with Canon cameras


1st June 2017

  • Add support for Canon 77D / 9000D

  • Add support for Canon 800D / Rebel T7i / Kiss X9i

  • Improve performance of photo file saving

  • Improve download performance for continuous shooting

  • Fix liveview for some Canon cameras such as the 7D and 5D Mark II

  • Attempt to save photo to backup location when photo download/save fails

  • Increase limit on max GRID network transfers to 99

  • Ensure backslashes are converted correctly for filenames on Mac

  • Ensure restart prompt is not shown when closing Options/Preferences window


1st May 2017

  • Switch to DevMate for licensing system

  • Remove use of Canon EDSDK for camera communication


15th March 2017

  • Improve performance with multi-camera asynchronous downloads

  • Balance downloads across detected USB host controllers

  • Add individual tracking of camera busy status

  • Add automatic detection of physical camera USB attach/detach

  • Recover USB connection state after camera plug/unplug

  • Rename ‘Refresh List’ button to ‘Detect’

  • Remove JPEG previewer script

  • Change UI labels for supported cameras option

  • Fix option for resetting sequence/batch number after barcode scan


31th January 2017

  • Add warning popup for unexpected camera disconnection

  • Add prototype for Canon EDSDK replacement

  • Add USB download rate to information shown in camera table

  • Improve UI for Log window

  • Improve UI for Camera Controls window

  • Fix UI layout of Options window on high DPI displays

  • Fix photo scale when 1:1 pixel display ratio is requested

  • Fix intermittent crash after camera becomes disconnected

  • Fix possible buffer overflow/crash during camera detection on windows

  • Stop excessive camera communication traffic with Nikon D3xxx models

  • Ensure restart prompt is only show once when changing options

  • Ensure camera trigger requests are rejected when mirror lockup is enabled

  • Disable shoot action in camera context menu when mirror lockup is enabled

  • Cleanup and reduce logging during camera detection


16th November 2016

  • Fix error causing early expiration of trial version

  • Fix intermittent hang caused by race condition with excessive logging

  • Fix intermittent hang during shutdown, due to race condition with log messages

  • Add support for easy bug/crash reporting using Bugsplat

  • Reduce External API traffic message to trace level

  • Remove unnecessary log warnings about unmapped Canon properties

  • Stop duplicate work when setting names during camera connection


5th November 2016

  • Add support for Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Add display option for always showing the most recent photo

  • Optimise GRID photo saving when using shared NAS storage

  • Update to Canon EDSDK v3.5


12th September 2016

  • Add support for Nikon D5

  • Add support for Nikon D500

  • Add JPEG only option for GRID network photo syncing

  • Add button to force resynchronise of camera batch numbers

  • Synchronise batch number when triggered multiple cameras

  • Optimise file operations for computing photo hash when saving files

  • Improve accuracy of liveview zoom region size/position

  • Improve performance of downloads from multiple Nikon cameras

  • Fix ability to change camera settings from the camera table

  • Fix/avoid crash in Microsoft Windows runtime on certain CPUs


17th April 2016

  • Fix crash with Canon cameras on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

  • Add support for Canon 80D

  • Add support for Canon 1300D / Rebel T6 / Kiss X80

  • Add support for Canon 1D X Mark II

  • Fix positioning of liveview zoom with rotated display

  • Only rotate displayed photos if orientation if not specified in photo file

  • Update to Canon EDSDK v3.4


3rd April 2016

  • Support utf-8 text

  • Update code signing certificate for compatibility with latest Windows requirements

  • Add filename expression token [E] for photo file extension

  • Add warning message for when Graphics card does not support OpenGL


9th February 2016

  • Fix error when saving photos to sub-directories of photo download directory

  • Fix crash when reading JPEG image if file contains bad data

  • Fix crash if script interpreter cannot be initialised

  • Fix crash on mac due to missing liblzma library

  • Keep history of previous log file contents (up to 8mbyte limit)


23rd January 2016

  • Fix issue of data file corruption after crash

  • Fix crash on mac when opening photo in external editor app

  • Fix layout of mac DMG package contents


20th December 2015

  • Fix crash when deleting and then taking photo with the same filename

  • Fix crash when UI has to resize scroll bars

  • Detect JPEG orientation from Nikon photos

  • Ensure Canon storage mode is not forced to Disk on first connection


1st November 2015

  • Detect orientation of JPEG images and auto-rotate display

  • Add ability for applying presets to custom camera selection


7th September 2015

  • Fix ability to resume Nikon liveview after camera trigger

  • Ensure Nikon liveview AF area mode is set to ‘Normal’ to allow UI focus positioning


30th August 2015

  • Add ‘JPEG’ camera Storage mode to allow selectively only downloading JPEG photos

  • Improve performance of External API message communication


8th August 2015

  • Allow trigger during liveview for Nikon D3200 and D3300

  • Add Auto Focus action to camera context menu UI

  • Ensure External API reports cameras from all GRID nodes

  • Ensure External API receives event messages from all GRID nodes

  • Relax restriction on valid IP host addresses for GRID nodes


13th July 2015

  • Allow editing of camera settings directly from camera table UI

  • Fix inconsistent camera status and settings when running scripts

  • Ensure camera power information is updated across GRID network

  • Ensure node remove requests are set to all GRID nodes

  • Improve method for GRID node synchronisation

  • Gracefully handle GRID nodes that have clashing IP addresses

  • Only warn for GRID node mismatch against connected nodes

  • Only save GRID node addresses that were active or manually added


21st June 2015

  • Add DOF Preview functionality for supported Nikon cameras

  • Fix problem with how GRID logic handles network unavailable conditions

  • Fix mouse input handling for retina displays


1st June 2015

  • Add support for Nikon D7200

  • Add support for Canon 5DS and 5DS R

  • Add support for Canon 750D / Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i

  • Add support for Canon 760D / Rebel T6s / 8000D

  • Add support for Canon 1D Mark III and 1Ds Mark III

  • Add ability to manually add GRID node by IP address

  • Improve reliability and performance of GRID networking

  • Save GRID node adddresses in database file

  • Allow quick view of photos when changing selection in Recent Photos window

  • Fix problem with saving UI state of Filename Options window

  • Fix memory leak during External API usage


14th May 2015

  • Fix issue with Nikon liveview mode continuously activating mirror/shutter

  • Add option to customise spacing between photos in display window

  • Move UI for display options to display window toolbar


6th May 2015

  • Add support for camera Drive Mode setting

  • Add support for customising the liveview refresh rate

  • Add option to reset sequence/batch number when Unique Taq or Barcode is changed

  • Add possible fix for Canon communication relibility issues on Windows

  • Add UI for customising logging levels in Log window

  • Add internal support for half pressing shutter release button

  • Split UI for Camera Presets and Filename Settings into separate windows

  • Improve UI for managing the display’s background image

  • Ensure Nikon Storage mode is set to Card when starting video recording

  • Ensure Camera Controls UI is consistent with the current camera status

  • Fix app hang on Windows after failed Nikon USB transfers

  • Fix Storage mode settings for Nikon D200, D40, D60, D80

  • Fix Image Quality settings for Nikon D200, D40, D60, D80

  • Save and restore the enabled log levels with app options


23rd March 2015

  • Allow re-ordering of UI table columns

  • Fix error when loading decimal numbers for script UI

  • Improve reliability of Canon camera management on Windows

  • Reduce text width for UI table column names


11th March 2015

  • Add support for Nikon D5500

  • Add External API feature

  • Add ability to select multiple cameras or photos and apply actions to them

  • Add ability to hide photos from list, without deleting them

  • Add Refresh List action to camera context menu

  • Improve accuracy of camera clock syncing to (to +-100ms from local time)

  • Improve detection of barcodes during automatic barcode scanning

  • Improve reliability of camera detection on Mac

  • Improve detection of duplicate Nikon cameras on Windows

  • Extend actions available in photo context menu

  • Ensure photo delete operations affect all copies across GRID network

  • Fix issue with double filename extensions when using [O] in filename expression

  • Fix UI layout issues with Options window

  • Remove Reset Sequence/Batch number buttons from Options window

  • Deprecate [N] token from filename expression


1st February 2015

  • Fix identification and communication problems with Canon 100D / SL1

  • Fix ability to stop script once it’s already running

  • Fix changing of camera settings across multiple cameras

  • Fix missing DLLs in Windows 32-bit installer

  • Update Mac OS X minimum version to 10.7 (Lion)

  • Force camera Storage mode setting to Disk if no memory card is inserted

  • Ensure formatting is only requested for valid memory cards

  • Ensure Connect/Disconnect buttons reflect camera status

  • Add camera information for number of memory cards inserted

  • Add visible warning for GRID node version mismatch

  • Stop printing of duplicate MTP camera device information


20th January 2015

  • Fix batch number increments across grid network

  • Fix crash during photo status updates

  • Add batch number column to photo table

  • Allow secondary display windows to go full screen


18th January 2015

  • Add UI warning for camera batch number mismatches

  • Add new EnableDOF/DisableDOF camera script commands

  • Add Windows DLL for VC++ OMP redistributable

  • Add UI button to force refresh of table information

  • Improve behaviour of UI photo transfer progress bar

  • Improve handling of Canon video recording state

  • Improve network logic for managing/closing duplicate node connections

  • Ensure accuracy of clock syncing is not affected by application latency

  • Track photo sequence and batch number correctly for grid nodes with not connect cameras

  • Fix bug where Nikon D3xxx photo downloads would save zero sized files

  • Allow UI table columns to be hidden

  • Ensure UI for camera and photo table resizes correctly to information

  • Reduce noise of logging for camera messages


3rd December 2014

  • Add support for Canon 7D Mark II


23rd November 2014

  • Add support for Nikon D750

  • Add preliminary support for Nikon Coolpix cameras

  • Add button to show/hide camera and photo names in the display window

  • Add warning indicator for when multi-camera settings are mismatched

  • Add option to set a default camera autofocus mode

  • Add ability to enable/disable Mirror Lockup on Canon

  • Add button for anticlockwise photo rotation

  • Improve UI for adding camera presets

  • Allow camera presets to include all available camera settings

  • Support display autorotate for RAW photo orientation

  • Ensure busy icon is shown whilst local camera operations are pending

  • Convert semicolons to underscores in photo filenames

  • Harmonise text used for camera autofocus modes

  • Harmonise text used for Canon exposure compensation settings

  • Show columns for camera settings in the camera table

  • Add filename expression token [M] for milliseconds

  • Allow filename expression [D] and [T] (date/time) to include a separator character

  • Allow SetActiveCamera script function to take camera name as parameter


2nd November 2014

  • Smart Shooter GRID - networked multi-computer control of multi-camera arrays

  • Switch to 64 bit for Windows version

  • Switch to 64 bit for Mac version

  • Add support for Nikon D810

  • Add support for Nikon D3300

  • Add support for Live View on Nikon D3200 and D3300

  • Add new UI for listing cameras and photos

  • Add ability to scan barcodes directly from captured images

  • Add ability to recompute photo filename after capture

  • Add ability to save and load camera settings as presets

  • Add ability to synchronise camera clocks

  • Add ability to format camera memory cards

  • Add ability to alter brightness of Liveview image

  • Add Liveview only display mode

  • Add camera and photo name labels to display window

  • Add UI context menus to display window for camera/photo actions

  • Improve and optimise performance of display drawing

  • General improvements to UI appearance

  • Set default Storage mode to Disk

  • Ensure mouse wheel does not change dropdown menu selections

  • Ensure camera database names are available before connecting to camera

  • Support Retina display resolutions on Mac

  • Harmonise names used for Canon and Nikon image quality settings

  • Support TIFF and PNG background images

  • Fix crash on some AMD Radeon HD graphics cards


25th May 2014

  • Add support for Nikon D4s

  • Add support for changing focus mode on Nikon

  • Add confirmation prompt for Options reset button

  • Fix capture on Nikon D3x

  • Fix problem with ‘FULL PC’ message on some Canon cameras

  • Fix long running memory leak and crash for Nikon on Windows

  • Fix for possible image download corruption for Nikon on Windows


27th April 2014

  • Add support for Canon 1200D

  • Improve Nikon photo download speed on Windows

  • Fix crash on mac caused by old ‘disable asynchronous camera communication’ option

  • Always show last known aperture/shutter speed for Canon


10th April 2014

  • Fix long running memory leak and crash on Mac

  • Fix crash/hang on Mac when communicating with cameras during reconnection

  • Fix duplicate phantom Canon cameras listed on Mac

  • Add option to disable loading of script during start up


26th March 2014

  • Support for Nikon Df

  • Support for Nikon D5300

  • Support for bulb mode shooting on Nikon

  • Fix crash during reconnection of Nikon cameras

  • Fix long running increase in memory usage due to infinite log history

  • Improve accuracy of time intervals in camera script loops

  • Improve information about Nikon shutter speed setting

  • Add delayed trigger script

  • Add multicamera option to focus stacking script

  • Add new WaitUntil camera script function


4th December 2013

  • Support for Canon 70D

  • Support for Nikon D610

  • Fix problem with unusable camera settings when live view is enabled

  • Ensure Nikon live view zoom is set to 1:1 pixel ratio

  • Ensure live view is resumed after using TakePhoto script command

  • Enable prompt for feedback on Mac app store

  • Fix URL used for latest version check


3rd November 2013

  • Ensure live view is resumed after taking a photo

  • Fix bug where incorrect photo was displayed when selecting from Photos window

  • Fix failure to close app when exiting with live view enabled

  • Add script for delayed trigger of camera

  • Add option to time lapse script to support multiple cameras


12th September 2013

  • Major update to Nikon camera communication on Mac (for improved reliability)

  • Support for Nikon D7100 (mac and windows version)

  • Support for Nikon D3000, D3100, and D3200 (mac and windows version)

  • Fix inconsistency of options presets after startup

  • Fix issue with persistent storage of Application Name option

  • Fix crash when using identify camera button in camera database

  • Rename ‘Customer Text’ to ‘Unique Tag’ in UI


5th August 2013

  • Support for Canon 100D and 700D

  • Support for Nikon D7100 (windows version only)

  • Add new camera setting for auto focus mode

  • Add ability to reshoot a specific photo with the same filename

  • Add ability to delete a specific photo

  • Add presets for photo download/filename options

  • Add filename expression variable for customer text

  • Fix issue causing failure to start when asynchronous camera communication is disabled

  • Fix issue causing failure to start when running over Windows remote desktop

  • Fix crash on Windows when Nikon cameras are unexpectedly disconnected

  • Fix problem with consistency of camera name database during camera connection

  • Fix problem with consistency of camera name after edit

  • Improve UI for Script Controls window

  • Add slave camera script

  • Allow manual memory card formatting on some Nikon models whilst tethered


5th June 2013

  • Support for Nikon D3000, D3100, and D3200 (windows version only)

  • Support multiple simultaneous Nikon cameras (windows version only)

  • Support for Nikon video recording (windows verison only)

  • Fix for Canon video recording

  • New camera database for assigning custom names to each camera

  • Fix batch numbering scheme for photo file names


26th April 2013

  • Improve process for registering license information


3rd April 2013

  • Add support for Canon 6D, 5D Mark III, 1D C, 650D/Rebel T4i

  • Add ability to control multiple cameras at once

  • Add ability to start/stop video recording for Canon cameras

  • Sort camera drop down list alphabetically

  • Add display indicator for connection status of multiple cameras


8th March 2013

  • Add preliminary support for Nikon D5200

  • Add minimum width specifier for photo naming policy

  • Add Z keyboard shortcut for multi shot

  • Fix problem starting app on Mac OS X 10.5


30th January 2013

  • Redesign and improve how photo filenames are generated

  • Add ability to disable automatic photo display

  • Add setting for default display mode

  • Reduce memory usage of application by disabling image caching

  • Fix failure to start on some Windows XP machines

  • Use camera name stored in Canon cameras

  • Add simple script for shutter speed bracket


14th January 2013

  • Fix problem with blank live view display with Nikon D600

  • Fix rare connectivity problem with some Nikons on windows

  • Add option to store each photo in a sub directory separately for each connected camera


19th December 2012

  • Add ability to set a background display image

  • Add ability to upload log file to support server

  • Add option for fixing compatibility with problematic Nikon cameras on Mac

  • Fix display problem with Intel HD 3000 graphics cards, as used by some Macs


20th November 2012

  • Add support for Nikon D600

  • Add option for automatically connecting cameras

  • Add option for setting a default Storage mode

  • Add option for fade transition when waiting for new photo to load

  • Fix problem when using optional script parameters


12th September 2012

  • Fix for issues with Nikon D800 live view

  • Fix for issue with Canon auto focus during live view

  • Fix for error with focus stacking script

  • Live view is turned back on after taking photo

  • Live view scale and position are restored

  • Easier exit from full screen mode


13th August 2012

  • Add icon for windows uninstaller

  • Ensure application adjusts layout to fit screen size

  • Try and set Canon disk space to avoid PC FULL message on camera

  • Ensure update window shows the correct current version


6th August 2012

  • Application has been redesigned to be more user friendly, with dark styling to minimise distraction from the photos themselves

  • Graphics system has been rewritten to improve performance and add support for multiple windows and multiple monitors

  • Script interface has been updated so that its more intuitive to load scripts and control script parameters, and includes built-in scripts for timelapse, HDR, HDR timelapse, and focus stacking

  • Improvements to reliability of camera communication, with faster photo download and preview

  • Support for Nikon D4, D800, and D800E

  • Support for Canon 650D, 5D Mark III, and 1D X (windows version only).


14th February 2012

  • Updated to latest Nikon SDK


8th February 2012

  • Fixed issue with bulb mode shooting on some recent Canon cameras


2nd February 2012

  • Fixed issue with Nikon camera connection reliability on mac

  • Fixed issue with Canon autofocus when shooting with live view


3rd September 2011

  • Fixed issue with Live View zoom on Nikon

  • Allow application to start again if it has previously not closed correctly


3rd September 2011

  • Fixed issue with JPEG decoder

  • Fixed issue with Nikon D40x


29th August 2011

  • Added auto focus support for most Canon cameras

  • Improved performance of live view mode


31st July 2011

  • Added shortcut keys for some of the camera settings

  • Added logic to check only one instance of the application is running

  • Added full screen mode

  • Fixed crash when using buggy OpenGL drivers (naughty Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator!)


23rd June 2011

  • Added support for Nikon D5100

  • Fixed problem with bulb shooting on Canon 600D/Rebel T3i and Canon 1D Mark IV

  • Fixed issue parsing TCL script parameters that contain certain characters, such as ‘:’

  • Added example script for timelapse shooting with bulb exposures


14th May 2011

  • Fixed issue causing failure to start with some OpenGL drivers

  • Fixed issue for Nikon camera communication that caused failure after 100 photos

  • Added 15 use limit for trial version


14th April 2011

  • Added support for Canon 600D (Rebel T3i) and Canon 1100D (Rebel T3)

  • Reduced since of Mac version by stripping out redundant code

  • Fixed rare crash on Mac related to loading rogue Qt plugins


4th April 2011

  • Added option to wake screensaver when a new photo is taken

  • Fixed bug that caused crash if the return result of a script was too long

  • Added TCL example script for delayed shooting timer


15th March 2011

  • Improved reliability of Canon photo download

  • Added new TCL functions ‘GetPhotoDetails’ and ‘GetCameraDetails’

  • Added log output for TCL function return values

  • Disabled bulb shooting button for Nikon

  • Fixed bug with photo filenames for Nikon

  • Added TCL example script with SmartShooter stub functions


22nd February 2011

  • Added new icon and title graphics

  • Improved reliability of ‘Reset Layout’ menu option

  • Updated Nikon camera modules to latest version


8th February 2011

  • Fixed compatability with OpenGL v1.1 and above

  • Added ability to specify photo filename sequence number

  • Added support for minidumps for crash analysis in Windows


31st December 2010

  • Added support for Nikon D40, D60, and D80

  • Added ability to save GUI layout for next time program is run

  • Ensured GUI layout adapts to small screen sizes (such as Macbook Air 11″)

  • Fixed minor issues with GUI rendering on Mac

  • Added HDR timelapse example scriptsFixed problem with TCL script interpreter


26th December 2010

  • Added support for Nikon D7000


20th December 2010

  • Added ability to rotate photo display

  • Added preliminary support for Nikon D200

  • Standardised names for aperture and shutter speed values between Nikon and Canon

  • Improved logging information to help when writing scripts


11th December 2010

  • Added customisable photo filename prefix for Nikon

  • Added ‘MultiShot’ ability to take a photo with all connected cameras at once

  • Fixed live view display when multiple cameras have live view enabled

  • Fixed aperture controls when using Canon 1D Mark IV in Bulb shooting mode


24th November 2010

  • Fixed compatability with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)


19th November 2010

  • Added Auto Focus functionality (Nikon only at the moment)

  • Set log viewer window to float by default

  • Fixed issue that caused the view 1×1 button to scale the photo incorrectly

  • Fixed crash when a photo download attempt fails


10th November 2010

  • Improved reliability of script commands

  • Fixed issue with Nikon live view stopping after photo is taken

  • Added support for Nikon D3x


6th November 2010

  • Fixed crash on certain graphics hardware when loading large photos

  • Fixed issue causing error dialog to be shown when trial is exited

  • Added optional Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 runtime installer (required by Nikon image library)


3rd November 2010

  • Improved performance of Nikon live view

  • Added Depth of Field (DOF) preview option for Canon live view

  • Set log file size limit to 10MB

  • Updated install package so example scripts are more obvious

  • Added missing DLL for Nikon NEF library

  • Fixed problem with Canon unknown image quality settings on Mac OS X


30th October 2010

  • Fixed crash with graphics cards that do not support OpenGL v2


28th October 2010

  • Added support for Nikon D300 and D300s

  • Added support for Canon D60

  • Added error reporting dialog in case application closes unexpectedly


22th October 2010

  • Added support for Nikon D90 and Nikon D5000

  • Added indicator for camera battery status

  • Added context menu to launch external file browser for photo file

  • Fixed issue with image histogram: blue and green channels were incorrectly swapped

  • Reduced trial photo limit to 30 photos


6th October 2010

  • Added histogram display for the photo colour channels

  • Added option to highlight areas of the photo where the colour is at the edge of the colour range

  • Added option to display a grid line overlay

  • Added option to auto run the current script whenever a new photo is taken

  • Added option to open photo in an external editor application

  • Added context menu to the Photo List window

  • Added command line parameter to specify a script to run immediately after start up: SmartShooter.exe -r myscript.tcl

  • Improved performance when synchronising camera settings


22th September 2010

  • Added ability to take photos with bulb exposure timer

  • Added tool tips to user interface


20th September 2010

  • Added ability to record each Live View frame as a JPEG image

  • Added ability to download all photos

  • Added option to set the background colour

  • Fixed crash on Mac when validated license


19th September 2010

  • Added mouse cursor icons to photo display

  • Added button to view photo at 1:1 pixel to screen ratio

  • Improved Photo List interface


16th September 2010

  • Fixed problem when loading a new script


15th September 2010

  • Added ability to change White Balance and Metering Mode

  • Fixed problem with ISO range control when using Canon 5D Mark II

  • Fixed notification message when a new camera is detected


12th September 2010

  • Improved performance of Live View

  • Mac version: Fixed crash whilst processing RAW photos


10th September 2010

  • Improved reliability of Live View

  • Added user defined parameters to camera script controls


24th August 2010

  • Fixed crash in JPEG loader


17th August 2010

  • Improved performance of JPEG processing

  • Added functionality for registering a license

  • Removed beta license expiry


18th May 2010

  • Added support for Mac OS X (Intel)


17th May 2010

  • Improved GUI interface

  • Added ability to interrupt and stop a running script


30th March 2010

  • Fixed possible problem on some Canon EOS cameras with Live View operation

  • Fixed bug which caused some values for Exposure Compensation setting to be missing

  • Improved performance of log window


29th March 2010

  • Added ability to change position of live view zoom

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for moving and zooming the display


24th March 2010

  • Added Exposure Compensation setting

  • Fixed handling of camera disconnection

  • Fixed crash during manual photo download


18th March 2010

  • Updated trial expiry date


17th March 2010

  • Correctly positioned live view output when zoom is enabled

  • Added log viewer for diagnostics


7th March 2010

  • Added option for viewing full RAW image

  • Fixed crash when camera settings change


13th February 2010

  • Added controls for live view focus

  • Simplified interface layout


11th February 2010

  • Added Aperture setting

  • Added Shutter Speed setting

  • Added ISO setting

  • Added Image Quality setting


7th February 2010

  • Changed RAW photo display to use preview JPEG data

  • Improved photo download speed

  • Saved options to hard disk

  • Converted interface to docking layout


11th January 2010

  • Fixed option to set photo download directory


10th January 2010

  • Disabled TEST camera

  • Set log directory to Windows application data folder

  • Made interface layout DPI aware


6th January 2010

  • First release!